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4 Big Holiday Sales That Aren’t Black Friday or Cyber Monday


4-Big-Holiday-Sales-That-Aren-t-Black-Friday-or-Cyber-Monday celebrations that are bigger than the familial ones. It’s when communities and sometimes the nation are in the union over a cause, festival, or milestone.

Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Thanksgiving are the most popular holiday seasons. Businesses took note and made them into shopping seasons as well. Both the business and consumer benefit from holiday sales.

The company can plan for a surge in sales, plan for employee work schedules and manage inventory. The preparations are so that businesses can reduce costs through economies of scale so that the consumer can find everything they need at the time and sometimes at a lower price.

We all know, participate, and get excited over holiday sales days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. For good reasons, there are some incredible deals on those days. But there are lesser-known sales days that you can benefit from as a business or consumer. If you get to know them, you can make additional savings on your big-ticket purchases.

  1. Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas, also known as Boxing Day, is a day that is worth shopping on and treating like a big holiday sale. Everyone is still in the holiday spirit and looking for activities to enjoy. Nobody has to go to work or school, and they will have done all the Christmas parties, so everyone has extra time on their hands. Additionally, family members, friends, or even yourself may have received a gift voucher for Christmas, so the conditions are ripe for a shopping spree.

You’ll find good deals on Boxing Day because retailers will be eager to get rid of stock and make room for the new stock after stocking up for Christmas shopping. Getting rid of their stock enables them to switch for the new year, season, or any trend on the horizon. It also allows them to reduce costs, especially if they have to rent extra space to accommodate holiday stock.

Their eagerness to release holiday stock inevitably leads retailers to cut their prices. So consumers can make significant savings if they shop on Boxing Day.

Shopping the day after Christmas will expose you to some deals, but with less of a crowd since Christmas shopping is done. You will also feel less pressure to get everything done within a deadline so that you can shop at your leisure.

  1. The Weekend Before

Holidays are on a specific day, but the sales start long before. Shopping the weekend before allows you to access the deals earlier than most shoppers. It enables you to take your time looking through your options; for example, you can browse glasses frames, test a gadget, or sample a treat.

If you shop on the weekend before a big holiday, you also give yourself the chance to find everything you need. As the big day arrives, shopping will intensify, leading to low inventory in some stores.

Shopping at the last minute is when you are likely to find products that are out of stock or lacking in variety like color or size

  1. Amazon Holidays Deals

Online retailer Amazon is a behemoth in the industry. It runs the standard sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but it also successfully launched Amazon Prime Day as part of its customer acquisition strategy.

The sales day was so popular that it is now an international event that Amazon supports through its extensive global supply chain and presence.

Amazon Prime day occurs in mid-July. It is mostly tech and gadget-oriented sales day, but customers can find various other deals.

Not only does Amazon provide great deals from its shelves, but retailers who use its platform also participate. So whatever you are looking for, you may find it on Amazon Prime Day.

  1. Green Monday

Green Monday occurs on the second Monday of December when shoppers make last-minute purchases. It’s a relatively new shopping day and is one of retail’s most profitable days. Although it is smaller than Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s still a day worth noting.

Green Monday is also known as Cyber Monday 2 because more consumers are shopping online. Online shopping is increasing as shoppers prefer the comfort of shopping from home without dealing with crowds.

Shop and Save

Shopping is a fun, fulfilling activity. If you plan it well, you can make huge savings on specific days. So if you plan to make a significant purchase, rather than make an immediate purchase, wait for the sales days to make some savings.

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