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4 Reasons to Choose Mediation in Medical Malpractice Cases

4 Reasons to Choose Mediation in Medical Malpractice Cases

You’ve come out of a medical facility expecting to be brought back to full health, but instead, you find yourself in a difficult situation. Perhaps something went wrong. This could lead to an even worse situation than what you originally went in for and may cause you to file a medical malpractice suit against them. But, legal matters such as these don’t always have to be fought out in a courtroom.

1. Mediation is Expedient

On average, a court case can take many days, weeks, or even months to come to a resolution. Evidence has to be reviewed, displayed, and explained to everyone there. Character witnesses will speak in favor of the defense or the prosecution. Finally, it will take time for the jury or judge to think over the matter and determine who is in the wrong. Mediation in a medical malpractice case can cut this lengthy process down dramatically to a week or even a day.

2. Mediation is Less Costly

Trials can be anything but frugal. You have the price of the court’s time, the necessary elements of the courtroom that are to be made available for your use, as well as the fees and wages of the court’s employees. Add on top of that the costs of your lawyers and the big payday you may have been expecting will begin to drastically decrease. A mediator will take less time and less money to ensure that all parties get exactly what they want.

3. Mediation is Confidential.

Anytime a case is brought before the court, no matter the type, it becomes public knowledge. People can walk in off the street and request any kind of documentation from the courthouse pertaining to a case they may have an interest in. Mediation, however, is not as open as they are meant to be private matters handled between two parties. There is no evidence that needs to be filed away. So, you can rest assured that anything spoken or dealt with in mediation will not come to light for those who may be too nosey for their own good.

4. Get Better Results with Mediation

Overall, mediation has the best chance of a greater outcome than what you expect taking your suit to court. By having the two parties sit down and talk things out, people can work together to try and find a resolution that pleases both parties. With mediation, there is no right or wrong side, nor is there an admission of guilt or innocence. All parts of the mediation are agreed upon equally by both parties, and it can leave a better feeling coming out of the meeting as it did going in. On the plus side as well, you will find that there will be no hard feelings between the two parties in the lawsuit as they will work with the mediator to be able to leave the table on amicable terms. This can be very important if you are trying to save a significant relationship in the process.

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