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Buying A House Without Using A Real Estate Agent: Should It Be Done


Buying A House Without Using A Real Estate Agent: Should It Be Done


A real estate agent is a valuable resource with expertise and the ability to meet deadlines.

It can be easy for you to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available online. You can search for homes online and plan your route to find them.

These techniques can be used to narrow down your search. There are some stages in the home-buying process where you might need someone to help.

Here are some things you should know about working with agents.

Do You Need A Real Estate, To Buy A House?

First, a quick lesson in terminology. A real estate agent is someone who represents you during the home-buying process. Although the term “realtor”, which is commonly used in colloquial terms, implies that it has the same meaning as “realtor”, there are some differences between them. Real estate agents are required to be licensed and must adhere to strict ethical standards.

Real estate agents, will arrange home viewings for you, provide information about houses that interest you and negotiate the best price for the house you want to buy. They can also provide references to reputable lenders, inspectors, and other service providers you will need throughout the home-buying process.

Although you might feel independent while searching for a house online, it’s possible to hire an agent once you’re ready and able to tour the house.

A great real estate agent has access to the local area, including comparable sales and information about history and demographics. You should be able to set realistic expectations and have realistic expectations about your home buying timeline.

Working With Buyer’s Agents Vs. Selling Agents

In general, buyers and sellers may have separate representation.

The seller’s agent can be used, but they might not be in your best interests. The seller’s agent, also known as a listing agent, has a fiduciary obligation (legally required obligation) to the seller.

They can often declare dual agency which means they can claim to represent both buyer and seller in a home sale. Their primary duty is to the seller. It is wise to employ your agent to represent you in the transaction.

A buyer’s representative will, however, have a fiduciary obligation to you, as the home buyer. They must act in your best interests, keeping your private information confidential and accounting for all funds involved in the home sale.

Why You Should Consider Buying A Home Without Using A Real Estate Agent?

You can save significant money by avoiding a partnership with a realtor. Between Buyer and seller agent commissions, you can expect to save at most 6% on your home’s purchase price.

You may also be able to find all information about a property online. You can now access most property information online and for best agents you can search such as  “house buying company near me” in seconds thanks to technology.

You may feel confident that you can do everything on your own and not require the assistance of a realty agent.

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