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Different Ways To Find Hidden Plumbing Leaks



Different Ways To Find Hidden Plumbing Leaks

If you have a water leak, you will notice obvious signs such as flooding in your basement, a leakage in the toilet, or constant drips from the pipes below the sink area. But what happens when the warning signs aren’t as obvious as they should be? Numerous water leaks are not visible to the naked eye, but they are just as harmful as they appear. Today, we bring you the different and easy ways to detect such hidden water leaks so that you can call out the best plumber in Gilbert on time for help.

Assess the Water Meter

When it comes to finding out what’s wrong with your plumbing, the water meter is a great place to start. Incoming supply line leaks can be fixed using this method, but wastewater leaks can’t.

Begin by turning off all of your home’s water-using appliances and fixtures. Search for cut-off valves close to the fixtures, and don’t forget to turn off refrigerators with water and ice lines. Your water meter should be checked once it is safe to assume that no water is being used. A leak is present if usage keeps increasing or if a red arrow or a silver wheel continues to spin, even slowly.

Look out for Water Pressure Changes

Water pressure at a faucet or shower is often the first indication that a plumbing leak is occurring in a home. When the pressure drops at a single source, the problem is caused by a leak in the pipe that supplies that source. You may also notice a decrease in pressure in the form of a long time it takes for a toilet tank to be refilled.

Pay Attention to Water Bills

What’s this? What’s up with our water bill again? Your water bill might contain an ominous hint that water leak repair is on the way if you pay close attention to it. Even though your water consumption habits haven’t changed, you’ll notice an increase in your water bill. This happens only in the case when there is any problem with the water system of your house.

By hiring a plumber in Gilbert, you can stay relieved. The expert will inspect all of your underground pipes to ensure that you won’t have to call for additional service in the future.

Try the Dye Test

Is it possible that the leak is caused by something in the toilet? Go to the supermarket and pick up some food dye. Fill the upper tank with a few drops of food color, and check it after 25 minutes to see if any color has migrated to the bowl. There may be a leak between tank and bowl if you see any dye traveling from tank to bowl. This wastes clean water.

The food coloring will also help you see if any water leaks out of the tank and onto the floor. Consider using blue or green against your toilet’s white porcelain. Make sure to solve all your water leaking problems at the earliest with the help of a professional plumber here in Gilbert.

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