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Enhancing Your Rental Space by Making the Right Changes


Hosting an Airbnb property can be profitable. As worldwide tourism slowly picks up, more and more hosts are needed to meet demands. This projection came from the lodging platform’s CEO when he talked to CNBC. If you’re renting out a property through Airbnb, you might want to prepare it for its post-pandemic revival.

However, with many Airbnb listings, it’s hard to be complacent and wait for bookings. People always look for the extraordinary when trying to book an experience from the platform. This is why if you have an Airbnb listing, you need it to stand out. You might have to make significant improvements before opening your property to the world again.

You might wonder how to catch the attention of potential guests. We’ve listed some improvements you can apply to your property. These should make people choose your Airbnb listing. Hence, their bookings should translate to more revenue for you.

Make it photogenic

We all know that even before stepping foot on someone’s Airbnb property, you’ll only experience it first through photos. Now, if your images aren’t too attractive, this might hinder you from getting clients to book your space. Your property should appear desirable in pictures. Choose areas in your property that can look wonderful in photographs. Prepare them for a photoshoot like subjects in an ad campaign. Shoot them in such angles that are flattering.

You can also hire a photographer if you can’t do it yourself. This can give a professional touch to your listing’s shots when uploaded to Airbnb’s pages. Making your property look good on pictures can inspire lodgers to take photos. They can then post it on their social media accounts. This is the best way to get free promotions online nowadays.

Restructure the backyard

The backyard is a part of a property that somehow people often ignore. What you don’t know is that you can make many improvements in this area. These improvements can significantly enhance your property. Hence, this can make people desire to spend their vacation in your place. A small secret garden can suffice a lush fantasy of plant lovers. They’d surely appreciate the ambiance those plants are going to bring.

You can also consider working with contractors to have a custom pool built in the backyard. It’s going to be a plus for travelers who want to experience a little paradise in the property they will be renting. You can also have a playpen for pets constructed around the area. This brings us to our next pointer.

Welcome pets

This might come as a surprise, but the most requested amenity by Airbnb guests is being able to bring their pets. This data came from Airbnb itself. So if you want to entice people to choose your place, you might want to add this feature. You can add pet-friendly spaces to your property. As mentioned in the previous tip, you can construct a playpen for pets in your backyard.

This can serve as a space where pet owners and pets can have bonding moments. You can also add tiny structures for pets to enjoy; these can be a climbing frame for cats, a tiny loft for dogs, or a scratching post. Pets are like children to their owners. They can always want to bring them anywhere possible. Make your property a pet-friendly place so you can cater to a lot of pet lovers.

Don’t ignore the bathroom

Have you noticed how influencers love taking selfies in the bathroom? It’s that one place they can be themselves and exude confidence. Yes, you can attract people to book your place if your bathroom looks awesome. Start with the lighting setup. This can change the whole mood of your property’s bathroom.

And, of course, your lighting can work only if it complements the color and texture of the wall. Add fixtures that’ll look flattering with the whole setup. An alluring bathroom can also represent cleanliness. Potential guests can easily pick that up. On the other hand, these influencers who take photos in your beautiful bathroom can give you brand-new clients once they share their photos on social media. It’s another way to get free promotions that can translate to additional revenue.

If you want to boost income through your Airbnb listing, focus on these specific things: comfort and aesthetics. These two factors can significantly contribute to people’s desire to choose your property for their next vacation or semi-permanent lodging. Improving things that enhance comfort and aesthetics can surely bring in more income.

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