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Finance Apps For Small Business

finance app for small business

There are many finance apps for small businesses available. Here are my top three choices: Intacct and Mint, Square. These software programs do not just benefit accountants but also small business proprietors. The flow of cash is essential for smaller businesses. An unsatisfactory cash flow can mean the end of your business. These apps can help you ensure that your cash is in order and manage it. Find out more about these apps and what ones are most suitable for your particular business.

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Mint’s free version is complete with financial data. This includes investment accounts and a free credit score. It is possible to set an alert system to are able to pay bills on time and don’t incur fees. Register by entering your email address, telephone number, and password. After they register they can link all of their accounts to the app and then invest money through Mint. Mint can help users establish an overall budget through analyzing their expenditure.

It categorizes every financial transactions into budget categories. It lets users create a total monthly budget, categorize expenses, and keep track of spending categories. It also lets users monitor their credit score and get notifications of any change in TransUnion(r) credit reports. Mint will also notify users whenever a customer spends more than their budgeted sum or has to pay charges for late payments. Mint categorizes all transactions automatically once users have set up accounts. Users can also edit and break up transactions.

Mint allows you to track the amount of money you earn and your expenses using extensive charts. You can also input manually data on cash expenses in the app. Mint is also a great tool to track expenses for small-scale businesses. A business that doesn’t possess a separate account to use to track accounting needs higher-end software. The free version of Mint is a great option for small-sized businesses to monitor expenditures and revenue. Mint is a fantastic option for people who are just starting out or for those operating with an income-based budget.


The Intacct finance application is ideal for small business owners. You can easily track the financial activity of all your businesses in one place. It makes it easy to access data and communicate them to others. This app automates a variety of aspects of financial management, such as reconciling your account with your bank. The app also lets users to create projections. With its customizable reports, Intacct helps you make informed business decisions. You can reduce revenue loss and improve the control of margins.

Sage Intacct has features for various business sectors, from small to large. The API is open, so it can be integrated with applications from third parties. Sage Intacct pricing is based on quotes. The user can select modules or industry-specific features you require. It is available for both free and paid versions, so you can choose the option that is best to meet your requirements.

Intacct, a cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized enterprises, is accessible. It has robust integrations as well as an extensive feature set that is well-planned. The cloud-based accounting program has been a favorite supplier for CPAs. Its close relationship with the AICPA ensures it is an ideal choice for mid and small businesses. Many other industries sectors, such as real estate and construction, are also able to benefit from the flexible options.


The Square finance app is a great option for small businesses. The app allows you to connect the square-shaped device with your smartphone and allow credit card transactions. It was previously it was difficult for small companies to accept credit card payments because you had to buy special equipment and pay for a fee. Square is a simple and free accepting credit card payments. Square is able to accept credit cards from many customers including individual customers.

For instance, if you’re fundraising, it’s likely to host a fundraising gala. Although ticket sales are vital for the success of your event they can also be laborious and challenging to handle. In the next step, you’ll need gather information from customers and then manually enter that information into Square. This can take a long time and take a long time. There are usually 1,000 customers to handle and this means that this method will be a time-waster. Through a single solution, you can collect customer information, integrate Square as an payment processor and handle all accounts of customers all in one location.

Square’s finance software is developed to aid entrepreneurs with anxiety and problems with cash flow with three services, which include a lending platform, a account software and a payment gateway. The products enable small-sized businesses to control cash flow pressure while still permitting them to operate their business without a hitch. In addition to the payment processing features, Square has introduced two new deposits accounts. With the addition of a lending option that allows you the benefit of a banking account which provides essential banking tools. The small-business finance application of Square is integrated with their entire suite of products. You can see all your expenses, balances, and transactions all in one place.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense’s interface is easy to operate and allows you to track and create expenses. The dashboard serves as the home page of the app. It shows a summary and summary of the most recent expenditures. You can also add receipts by scanning them or by uploading them into Zoho. Zoho Expense helps you keep the track of your entire expenditures, organised by categories. It lets you create as many expense reports as you want.

The application offers three plans including free, premium and enterprise. Freelancers will find the Free plan to be the most user-friendly. If your company has more than five employees The enterprise plan is the most suitable alternative. The functions and features offered by enterprise plans allow it to be a simple and profitable to invest. Prior to deciding which plan, sign up to get a complimentary trial. In order to make your decision you should consider the free plan and how many employees you anticipate having.

For a better way to control costs, you can modify the Zoho Expense policies. These rules can be set up to be applied individually by employees or for the entire company. Employees can be reimbursed via your accounting software or on the internet via ACH. The Forte Merchant account needed for processing the reimbursements. Once you set up a Forte merchant account, you are able to handle employees’ reimbursements right away. You can also modify the application to meet the specific needs of your business.


If you’re searching for the best small business finance application, FreshBooks can help you maintain track of your the cost of expenses, track clients and invoice for your work. FreshBooks allows you to manage your expenses and invoices, as well as track time. FreshBooks lets you create hours-based and flat-rate projects as well as incorporate individuals and companies. It also lets you look over all your financials. Moreover, the app will automatically generate and edit financial statements and reports for the benefit of.

FreshBooks has a range of functions which makes it an excellent accounting software for small businesses. The invoices are professional looking and contain information like the amount of inventory, expenses for labor along with sales taxes. It’s possible to add your logo or message for customers. FreshBooks allows recurring invoices as well as regular billing. It is also possible to create reminders for customers who have a late payment.

FreshBooks is the top invoice tools. It can track costs, make payments automated, as well as manage your time effectively. FreshBooks has the ability to use a mobile app that lets users to record expenses and monitor the mileage. It’s simple to track financial information of your company, regardless of where you are. FreshBooks syncs with Square and allows you to take any payment you want to accept.

NetSuite ERP

A company’s performance is dependent upon a cloud-based ERP software. Small businesses will love NetSuite ERP for its flexibility and scalability. NetSuite ERP is accessible to more than 200 countries, and it supports 27 languages and around 190 currencies. It’s small in size and can be scaled according to changing needs. Below are a few important benefits you should consider. Small business ERP Solutions can be utilized to oversee all aspects of your business, no matter what industry it is.

A powerful tech stack like NetSuite isn’t easy to use, but the advantages make it worth the investment. It simplifies business intelligence by providing an immediate view of key business metrics. In turn, it makes the small business more competitive , and also shows that the company has made investments in better technology. NetSuite is a good choice to replace QuickBooks. It’s not unusual to find accounting software that is out of date as a company grows. It can cause a negative impact on a company’s business.

The general ledger option of NetSuite ERP allows users to add financial data to enhance trial of audits. Receivables and accounts payable features integrate financial information automatically. It also has management programs that manage fixed assets, cash as well as taxes, payment and payments. NetSuite is a great tool to streamline the billing process. NetSuite even supports regular payment. In addition to these features, NetSuite is also compatible with several famous ERP software.

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