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How do you fix TurboTax Error Codes 22, 2203, 30, and 36?


How do you fix TurboTax Error Codes 22, 2203, 30, and 36?

TurboTax is a complete package that lets you calculate your taxes. It is also very easy to handle. But there are times when the users face certain issues with it. These are the times when TurboTax has error codes. In order to solve TurboTax Error Codes 22, 2203, 30 and 36, you must perform some steps that will fix the issue instantly. Some of the error codes have been mentioned below. So, follow the steps that are needed to troubleshoot them instantly.


Before you know how to solve the errors, it is important that you learn the reasons behind them. so that you can easily avoid them in the future. The reasons for TurboTax errors range from missing or corrupt Windows system files to viruses and malware on the computer system. Some other common reasons are:

  • The Windows installer service is not working.
  • CD-ROM issues
  • Antivirus and antimalware programs restrict the installation of TurboTax.
  • You are not using TurboTax as an administrator.

How do you troubleshoot the error codes 22, 2203, 30, and 36?

The following is a guide that will help you troubleshoot error codes 22, 2203, 30, and 36 in some simple and easy steps. Follow them sincerely.

Step 1

The first thing that you should do is go to the Control Panel on your computer.

Step 2

Then, go to the programs and features.

Step 3

Then find the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package and click on it.

Step 4

Then click on Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions. This will remove the program from your computer.

Step 5

Then reboot your PC and download the latest MS Visual C++ redistributable package and install it.

Running a disk clean-up and reinstalling the graphics driver proves really effective in getting away with all the error codes 22, 2203, 30, and 36. This can also be resolved by performing the disk clean-up and graphics driver reinstallation process. You can backup your files and then free up some space. The steps are easy and everyone can follow them. If you are not able to solve these problems like TurboTax login issues, visit the official website and read the manual guide there. You can also report a problem if you’re continuously facing one.

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