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Natural Larimar Stone Benefits & Uses


The rare blue Caribbean gemstone is the variety of the silicate mineral pectolite, and they have their own cache of the best secret keeper

Know About the Larimar Stone

The deposits of the Larimar stone, which turns out to be the Larimar jewelry, are found only on the island of Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic. Its coloration varies from white, light-blue to green-blue to dark blue. Larimar rings remind us to embrace the change in yourself and to go with the flow. The rare blue Caribbean gemstone is the variety of the silicate mineral pectolite, and they have their own cache of the best secret keeper.

Why Choosing Larimar

Choosing the Larimar earrings or any other Larimar accessories to sell to your end customers would be a wonderful idea as people would love to buy these stones. This stone promotes relaxation in every aspect as it embodies the tranquil sea and the sky energies. The hardness of the Larimar stone ranges from four to seven on the Mohs scale. No two jewelry pieces could be the same, and every piece would have a different shade and appearance.

Benefits of Wearing the Larimar

Larimar cuff bracelets are known as the dolphin stone, as it brings the wisdom from the Atlantis and harmonizes the body and the soul. These emphatic gemstones will fetch strength, good luck, and wealth and guard the family against harm. It clears off the negative energies, bringing them peace, and it is also called the stone of reflection. The blue color consistently soothes the mind, especially when worn in the form of the Larimar pendant, which is made for cranky and averse people. It would bring change into the person’s life in a very positive way and help the person become a better version of themself. The stone helps to complete every stuck work and is a sign of good luck for the wearer.

Caring Tips for Larimar Jewelry

Larimar bracelets should be the first thing you remove while getting back home, and then the next step should be to clean the stone with water. As the stone is a bit fragile, it should not be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner. Water is the best substance to clean the stone, and it will never fade the color of the stone if appropriately washed. A steam bath can be used to clean the stone, whatever way you use, make sure to dry it properly using a clean cloth. Otherwise, you can keep the stone under the sun for not more than half an hour to recharge it and dry it. It would be best to store the Larimar necklace in a cool and dry box because Larimar is the water stone. You can use a box with a compartment or division to prevent scratches on its upper surface from other stones.

Where to Buy the Larimar Jewelry?

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