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How to Create Great Facebook Cover Photos Using Online Photoshop

Let’s learn how to create Facebook cover photo easily in online Photoshop

What is online Photoshop?

What if the full features of Photoshop can be used without downloading and installing 2 GB of Photoshop software. As a professional graphic designer, I think this is great news for graphic designers and photo editors like us. I was surprised at first when I got this online Photoshop application because I have been using Adobe Photoshop for 11 years, the reason for being surprised is that this online Photoshop application is exactly similar to Adobe Photoshop, but there are many updated features.

With this online Photoshop application, you can easily do all types of photo editing and graphics design including image background removal. For example, you can design premium quality for all types of social media posts including Facebook cover, Facebook Shared Image, Facebook Event Image, Facebook Group Header, Instagram, Youtube, And Twitter. Now we will learn how to create a premium quality Facebook cover photo using this online Photoshop application, so let’s get started.

Step 1.

Open Online Photoshop Application

First, go to the link to open Photoshop online. After opening Photoshop online you see a photopea dashboard. And you can see 3 options, then you can choose any option. If you have Photoshop Phd and JPEG files you need to click (Open from computer or PSD template). And if you don’t have any files then you click (New Project).

Step 2.

Create New Project for Open Templates dialog box

After clicking on New Project, a New Project dialog box will appear in front of you. From this dialog box, you can set the size according to your needs. And through this, you can make leaflets, festoons or banners. And under this dialog box, there are templates for some social media posts, you can click on any template from there and open the template, since I will create a Facebook cover photo, in that case, I will click on Fb Page Cover.

Step 3.

Open Fb Page Cover Template

After clicking on Fb Page Cover, thousands of premium quality Fb Page Cover Templates will appear in front of you, choose any Template from there, click on the sheet and open it. Note that it gives you full features of Adobe Photoshop and more for free. And its tools work very efficiently, meaning that you are able to create premium quality designs. Although this online Photoshop application is made easy for beginners, if you have taken the Adobe Photoshop course, it will be very easy for you to work with this application.

Step 4.

Adjust 3d text on your Fb page cover for premium quality

You can see after opening Fb Page Cover, A Photoshop Raw File will open. After it opens you can add any anchor, or text to it. If you want to add another image to your opened Template, you can open it by clicking the gallery icon on the right side of this application, which has its own gallery. And from there you can select any image, otherwise, if you have any image of your own, go to the file on the top bar of this application and click on open to open your image. After opening the image, add your title text to the image. In this case, convert the title text of your image to 3d text to make your Fb cover photo premium quality.

Step 5.

Select the Type Tool (T) to adjust the image title text

Add your title text to the image Go to the toolbox on the left side of this application, and select the Type tool (T). Then click on your image and type the title text of your Facebook page, and you can give it any size by selecting the title text all and going to the size option on the top bar of the application.

Step 6.

Export your photos to share on your social media

After adding the title text to your Fb cover photo, it is now ready to upload as your Facebook cover photo. So you export it and download it. It has different download methods including Png, Jpeg, and Pdf. To export your Facebook cover photo goes to the file option and click (export as) then come to all type format you chose your format and click save your Facebook cover photo file.


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