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How to Know If a Crib Has Bed Bugs

How to Know If a Crib Has Bed Bugs

How to Know If a Crib Has Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs in your baby’s crib is a must if you want your little one to grow up healthy and happy. The bugs feed off of human blood and can live in a number of locations including the mattress, duvet, comforter, and light fixtures. They will also thrive in carpeting and cracks near electrical switches. It is extremely important to identify these areas immediately because bedbugs multiply quickly.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to get rid of bed bugs is by washing them in hot water. If you find them, you can use a crevice device to remove them. It is also possible to treat linens and pillowcases by placing them in the dryer. You can also use extra sticky lint rollers to inspect items. If you can see any bugs, try to use clear tape to catch them.

The first warning sign of a bed bug infestation is the presence of bites. Bugs like to bite exposed skin when they are sleeping. Typically, these bites appear on the arms, legs, face, and shoulders. If you find bites, immediately treat the crib with a diluted insecticidal solution or visit a doctor. If bedbugs are already present, you should treat them as soon as possible, or else you will only be making the problem worse.

The next clue that your crib may contain bedbugs is a squeaky mattress. Bedbugs typically live in the mattress of a crib, so they can live in other rooms in the home. A bedbug infestation in a baby’s crib is particularly dangerous as it will spread throughout the house. If you don’t treat the problem early enough, the bugs can spread throughout the rest of your home.

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