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How to Prepare for ESL Placement Tests

There are several ways to prepare for ESL Placement Tests. The test format, subject matter, and reading materials should all be reviewed. Electronic devices, such as calculators and cell phones, are not permitted during the test. Therefore, it is crucial to read and review these materials before the test. Besides, you should know how to avoid being distracted during the test. If you want to score well, study for the test by following the tips mentioned below.


The Writing and Reading for ESL – LRDG Placement Test is part of the NCDAP (National Council on Language Acquisition) curriculum. This test is comprised of four parts: Grammar, Basic Writing Skills, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Meaning. The test will increase in difficulty based on your scores and is designed to be adaptive. In other words, the test will start out easy and get harder the more you study.


There are several ways to prepare for an ESL placement test, including reading and writing practice exercises, practice tests, and computer-adaptive testing. The ESL Reading Skills test measures comprehension of short passages and content may vary based on the subject area being tested. Topics may include human relationships, physical and social sciences, and practical situations. In addition to the reading comprehension portion, the ESL Language Use section measures grammar and usage. The writing portion contains a series of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank type questions.


If you are preparing for an ESL placement test, you need to know the right vocabulary for the test. The test covers vocabulary that is mostly contained in the first 2,000 words of English. This is especially true of passive vocabulary. However, the test does include a few more words. For example, a test on passive vocabulary will contain words that are not used in daily speech. It is also important to know the rules behind CEFR leveling.

Sentence Meaning

ESL Placement Tests assess a non-native speaker’s English skills. In addition to reading comprehension and grammar evaluation, these tests also measure sentence meaning. Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their writing abilities in an essay. The essay requires students to take an opinion or point of view and to support it with proper reasoning and examples. Despite the fact that position does not impact the overall score, students should consider the purpose of the essay and the information presented in the essay.


The LOEP test measures your English language proficiency and includes questions about reading comprehension, writing, and grammar. The test is offered through WebEx and costs five dollars per section and $10 for the entire test. The test is widely used to place students into a suitable college or university. For more information about this test, visit Accuplacer.com. This article describes the test and its components in more detail.

Practice tests

To prepare for an ESL placement test, you should read the Student Guide to the ESL Assessment. This guide provides detailed information on the test’s content, item types, and computer-adaptive delivery method. When attending a test, you should arrive early, bring your picture identification, and allow three hours for the test. While pencils and scratch paper will be provided, it’s helpful to bring your own as well.


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