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How To Shop Through Amazon?

Amazon is the largest online retailer not only in the United States but worldwide. Their website sells everything from groceries, toys, clothing, electronics, furniture, appliances, and much more! Even though they sell almost anything on their site including books, movies, games, clothing, beauty products, etc., they are best known for their e-commerce business. Amazon sellers benefit from having a global platform and reach and have the potential to take advantage of millions of customers daily. If you want to become an Amazon seller, here’s what you need to know before starting out.

After preparing your products, researching your competitors, and determining how many units you need to fulfill orders, you are now ready to list your items on Amazon. The next steps are to upload images of your products, write descriptions, select a listing format, and arrange the categories. sometimes we want cancelation for few order and you should know How To Cancel An Amazon Order.

How To Shop Through Amazon website?

If you’re interested in buying products online from the Amazon website, then this article will help you to shop through their website easily and effectively.

1. Go to www.amazon.com

Once you go to amazon.com, you will land on its home page where you have three options given below.

  1. a) Search – Here you can search for any product listed on the Amazon website and compare prices between different sellers. You can get all information related to each seller including name, address, etc.
  2. b) Discover Sellers – If you want to find out who are the sellers offering the best deals on specific items, then here you can click the “Discover Sellers” link. On the right side of the screen, you will have a list of sellers who sell the same item as you want. You can either choose any of them or add your favorite sellers to your Wish List.
  3. c) My Account – Once you logged into your account, you can check out your order history and manage your account details. At the top-right corner of your account’s homepage, you will have an option called Dashboard. Clicking on it, you can access your shopping cart. Then you can view the items you added to your cart, remove some of them, change the shipping method, add a gift card and redeem rewards points.

2. Checkout Process

Once you start searching for something on Amazon, you will get the option to download an app named Kindle App Store. Downloading the app will make sure that whenever you visit any product listing on the Amazon website, you will be able to use your mobile phone to scan a barcode without having to type anything manually. This feature makes things super simple while shopping at the company’s website.

You can use Amazon mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices.

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3. Payment Options

There are two ways to pay for your orders, either using credit cards or bank accounts. First-time users of Amazon need to register themselves with PayPal and Google Wallet to avail of these payment methods. But if you already have a PayPal or Google wallet account, just log in using your credentials. Then the user can proceed to the checkout step for the move ahead.

Next, you can select whether you want to use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card. After selecting your debit and credit card, you will be provided with a security code to confirm the transaction. When you enter the correct code, the amount of your purchase will automatically appear in your credit/debit card statement.

The last step involves entering your shipping address, billing address, email address, password, and date of birth. Confirm the details and hit the button saying ‘Checkout Now”, which will guide you to complete the payment process.

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