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4 simple ways to protect your WordPress site


4 simple ways to protect your WordPress site

Have a WordPress website, and you’re not sure if it’s as secure as it can be? You’ve come to the right place. Fortunately, the main appeal of WordPress as a CMS is its ease of use and convenience, so it’s pretty easy to add another layer of protection to your site whenever you like. Read on to find out our top 4 tips for protecting your WordPress site.

1. Buy SSL

SSL certificates are the key to a more private World Wide Web. That’s why it’s recommended that everyone use them and that web browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome penalize sites that don’t have them (flagging them as not secure). But what exactly makes SSLs so great?

That would be the encryption. When you install an SSL on your server, it ensures that any information sent from users’ browsers to your site is encrypted. This means it’s rendered unreadable to everyone except the intended recipient. This is vital for protecting any sensitive data like credit card and social security numbers.

2. Disable or limit comments

Unless you have a blog section on your site, comments are pretty unnecessary. Even if you do, it’s a good idea to limit who can comment. The reason for this is that spam is a huge problem across the Internet, and it’s only getting worse as time progresses and bots and criminals become more sophisticated. If you let just anyone comment, you put your innocent website visitors at risk with malicious links, potential malware, and phishing schemes. If you would like to have comments on certain pages of your site make sure to use a good spam protection plugin that filters out spam and allows you to approve comments manually.

3. Install a security plugin

There are so many amazing free and paid plugins on available on WordPress that you can protect your site quickly and easily for very little cost. We recommend finding a security plugin that has a monitors your site for malware, has a firewall, and regularly audits your entire site’s security strength.

4. Use a premium theme

Whether you’re just launching your site or thinking of giving it a makeover, it’s normal to want your site to look the best it can be. Part of the appeal of WordPress is the countless free and premium themes available to improve the look, feel, and layout of your site. Premium themes tend to have the upper hand over free themes as they’re more customizable and have been designed and coded by skilled developers. Plus, if something goes wrong, they’ll provide full support to help you fix your site. And don’t be tempted to use nulled or cracked themes, premium themes that have been hacked, just to save a little cash. These will more than likely end up harming your site than helping it.

Wrap up

Securing your WordPress site is pretty easy. Once you install an SSL, limit comments, install a good security plugin and use a premium theme, you should be good to go. wordpress download

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