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Ideology language attitudes and the Punjabi status

Ideology language attitudes and the Punjabi status


Language is that the characteristic that the majority Punjabi status distinguishes the USA from different living species. There are units or so six,000 languages spoken around the world, and lots of those languages face the danger of extinction and abandonment by the tip of the twenty-first century. several factors can contribute to the tip of virtually half the world’s languages within the next one hundred years or so; one among these factors, which is able to play a vital role during this close at hand abandonment, is that the angle of speakers towards their own languages. The speakers of some languages are going to be liable for the death of their own language because of their negative attitudes towards that language. this is often a heavy and irreversible danger to several languages of the globe and, once a language dies, it’s terribly troublesome — nearly not possible — to revive and resurrect it.

The causes of negative attitudes towards mother  attitudes tongues area unit several and vary in their nature looking on the context. Most languages area units are being abandoned by their own speakers because of the remorseless onslaught of the linguistic political system, that extends over regional and national borders. The socio-economic pressures of recent society are compelling folks to offer up their own languages and adapt to the supposed ‘more prestigious’ and marketable languages. another excuse for language modification and language death is the supposed nation-building method and ideologies behind it. Slogans like ‘one nation, one people, and one language’ have injured the linguistic diversity of the many places and folks. Pakistan, that claims to be AN philosophic state — though nobody is aware of wherever this ideology comes from — is within the list of these countries that have sacrificed their nice linguistic and cultural diversity within the temples of national ideology.

According to lists compiled by linguists, seventy two languages area unit spoken in Asian nation and Punjabi is at the highest of the list thanks to the amount of speakers it’s — nearly forty five p.c Pakistanis claim Punjabi to be their tongue. Punjabi is additionally thought of the tenth most language within the world by the amount of its native speakers. In spite of being the foremost language in Asian nation, Punjabi status is on a downhill slope and lots of conservative oldsters area unit opting to drop Punjabi and teach their youngsters Urdu as their mother tongue. though this development is simply restricted to conservative families and doesn’t cause any close at hand threat to the Punjabi language in Asian nation, sometimes trends and conventions unfold in no time in speech communities and inside some generations languages will die a tragic death.

The abandonment of the Punjabi language among the Punjabi attitudes conservative has its roots in a very negative perception and attitudes towards this nice language. The factors that have caused these negative attitudes towards Punjabi stem from the false philosophic assumption of nationhood, which relies on the notion that one nation needs to speak one language and follow one faith. The media and deliberate linguistic engineering by ensuant governments have conjointly vie their role within the creation of those negative attitudes. because of these perceptions and attitudes we’ve got received some extent in history wherever the main language of the country is below threat.

The process of angle building is slow and gradual, and once the attitudes area unit is fashioned it’s difficult to alter them. However, there’s still hope and a modification in attitudes is going down. Contrary to the studies done antecedently, the author’s recent analysis shows vital changes within the attitudes of young Punjabi adults towards the Punjabi language. Young Punjabi status to bear in mind the very fact that the Punjabi language is their ancestral, cultural, and historical heritage, and wishes to be preserved, prospered, and transferred to successive generations. The respondents within the study conjointly in agreement that Punjabi must be instructed a minimum of as a topic in colleges as this may facilitate the reason behind the language and folks won’t feel shamefaced or embarrassed speaking and affiliating with Punjabi status

The question that arises is: what may be done to capture the instant and take sensible measures to more the reason behind the Punjabi language? Declaring Punjabi, with different major languages of Asian nation, one among the national languages are going to be a decent begin towards the goal of keeping our languages alive and growing. the geographical region may be introduced as a faculty subject all told the elementary colleges across Punjabi-speaking districts of Punjab province. status this may give the language currency and it’ll become a lot of value. Radio and tv channels in Punjabi can create a large distinction within the perceptions and attitudes of the folk towards their own language. The promotion and teaching of the Punjabi language will unfold the message of affection, tolerance and important thinking that’s found in abundance in classic Punjabi literature. Our governments got to realise that, as all people can’t be of precisely the same height, weight and color, within the same method we tend to cannot and don’t ought to speak an equivalent language and follow an equivalent faith. the wonder is in diversity and knowledge lies in acknowledging that diversity and enjoying and celebrating it. So let’s, on this tongue Day, celebrate all our mother tongues. Avple

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