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Infor Workforce Management – The Benefits of Flexible Scheduling


If you’re considering an Infor workforce management solution, it helps to understand the benefits of this Cloud-based application. It is accessible from virtually any device and provides flexible scheduling options and powerful analytics. Read on to learn more about its core features. After learning about Infor workforce management, you’ll be ready to find the perfect solution for your business. Here are some benefits of this solution:

Cloud-based solution

Infor ERP’s robust time and attendance system can easily track employee hours. It can be integrated with payroll functionalities for the accurate calculation of worked hours. Additionally, the multi-view scheduling interface helps managers ensure future schedules meet demand and are compliant with union and government regulations. It also helps organizations manage employee leave and maximize staffing levels by offering real-time insight into employee schedules. By automating this process, Infor ERP can help organizations reduce labor costs, including overtime.

Flexible scheduling options

Flexible scheduling options are a vital aspect of good workforce management. They allow workers to take classes when they are not working. Although students cannot choose the times they attend class, flexible scheduling allows employees to continue their education while maintaining a job. These benefits are beneficial to both the employee and the company. Below are some benefits of flexible scheduling in workforce management. Let’s look at each in more detail. Read on to find out what flexible scheduling can do for you.

Employee retention is a key business concern. Happy employees are less likely to leave their employer. Multiple credible studies show that employees with flexible schedules are happier and more engaged in their jobs. Even if a company only offers flexible schedule options on rare occasions, it has a positive impact on employee retention and engagement. In addition, offering employees more control over their schedules can increase their work efficiency. This is a win-win situation for the company and the employee.

Powerful analytics

Infor Workforce Management is a robust time and attendance solution that enables organizations to improve labor performance by streamlining processes. It supports a wide range of staff roles, including long-term care, hospice, respite, dementia, and outpatient care. Powerful analytics enable managers to accurately forecast future needs and make adjustments accordingly. Besides, Infor Workforce Management integrates with payroll functionalities to process payroll payments. Another feature of Infor WFM is its multi-view scheduling interface. This enables managers to ensure future schedules will meet forecasted demand.

Infor HCM integrates with other business applications to provide businesses with a single, integrated platform for workforce management. It is easy to use and integrates with other business applications. Moreover, Infor d/EPM offers a flexible platform for workforce budgeting and management. It can be used for complex scheduling and operational planning, as well as for sale estimation. Its advanced capabilities and user interface make it an ideal choice for a variety of businesses.

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