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MBA in Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing Management

Why is an MBA in Marketing Management The Most Popular Pick Among Students

Are you curious why an online MBA in Marketing is the latest go-to degree among Indian youth? Read further to explore the top reasons to choose an MBA in Marketing Management.

An MBA in Marketing is an ideal degree for you to learn everything there is to know about market tactics, advertising, and resource planning. It will aid in developing your managerial abilities and pursuing a competitive profession in a demanding industry such as marketing. Students interested in pursuing a career in marketing can enrol in this course to get professional experience in the field. It prepares learners for various aspects of marketing, and they are ready for global challenges when exposed to different marketing tactics. It broadens students’ skill sets and provides them with an understanding of areas such as line management, entrepreneurial management, and consulting.

Key subjects included in an MBA in Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing concentrates on marketing, including many strategies of marketing spanning digital to traditional, as well as management fundamentals. The MBA Marketing curriculum is structured so that students gain both academic and practical marketing expertise. Following is a list of main MBA Marketing subjects:

  • Management Concepts
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Consumer Strategy

Why choose an MBA in Marketing Management?

Scope for Increased Earnings

The most significant benefit of working in marketing is that individuals are more likely to earn a higher wage. It is because marketing is inextricably related to corporate growth. Marketing professionals receive high remuneration packages, depending on the function and industry, and they are also paid bonuses and commissions in various roles. Well-known technological firms such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, SAP, and IBM hire MBA graduates for various marketing roles; therefore, job duties with higher pay levels could be broad.

Knowledge Enhancement

MBA online programmes in Marketing offer you essential business education and marketing-specific options to augment your expertise. Finance, human resources, accounting, corporate management, organisational behaviour, and other basic disciplines are covered. As marketing executives, individuals could be required to research the requirements of a specific product. MBA marketing curriculum is structured to provide you with a solid foundation in business management and branding strategies. Also, this knowledge can apply to a variety of industrial sectors.

Avenues for Skill Development

MBA in marketing professionals have gained the upper hand because of their diverse knowledge base. Your experience in business school will improve your analytical thinking, communication skills, and capacity to manage and execute significant initiatives. Your interaction and problem-solving abilities will improve significantly because of the programme, which involves assignments and projects that require you to work in groups. You operate under pressure and with regular evaluation.

Enriched Job Responsibilities

Marketing is a broad speciality with several sub-disciplines. After earning a postgraduate business and marketing degree, you can work in various industries after graduation. You may work in the FMCG business, IT, consulting, advertising, banking, retail, and hospitality, as well as in academic institutions. There are job openings in both governmental and commercial enterprises. You can fit into the various professions in any sector with an MBA in marketing, that include:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Media Planner
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Reason to Choose Online Manipal for MBA in Marketing Management

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) has an A+ NAAC ranking. It is accredited to offer full-fledged online programmes such as an online MBA in marketing, online journalism courses, online business analytics, and many others. Its MBA in Marketing Management programme helps you perfect the needed skill sets that will enable you to achieve profitable roles, whether you wish to work in brand marketing, entertainment, media, advertisement, company development, or sales. The marketing curriculum at MUJ goes through all the key and relevant marketing features and tactics in-depth, ensuring that you succeed in your career.


An MBA in marketing degree is a perfect match for today’s competitive business environment. MBA marketing specialisation programmes are conducted in Indian colleges and overseas in both on-campus and online versions. This degree provides unrivalled knowledge and competitive advantage to learners helping them improve their networking skills and obtain the potential to apply their theoretical concepts. Such students have an advantage over other applicants when applying for marketing jobs. Thus, we may conclude that getting an MBA in Marketing to improve marketing skills and gain a competent job is well worth the investment. So, with no second thoughts, enrol in MUJ’s online MBA programme in marketing to reinvent your career.

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