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Mid-century Modern Furniture How To Source The Best Pieces To Nail The Trend


Mid-century Modern Furniture How To Source The Best Pieces To Nail The Trend

We have all heard about mid-century furniture. You heard that right – there is a whole section known as mid-century modern furniture, and we are crushing on them hard! It includes the most unique, quirky pieces – something just right for contemporary style lovers.

Wish to know more about this type of furniture? Then read on as we discuss what it is, how it is different from mid-century ones, where to find them, and how you can style them! Let’s get started.

What Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

Mid-century modern furniture refers to America’s furniture design style after WW 2, more broadly between the late 1920s and mid-1960s. It was marked with manufactured and natural materials, tapered legs, and curved, clean lines. The color palette was mostly bright and bold – lots of olive greens, burnt orange, teals, yellows, blues, and yellow. Some even included geometric patterns for an added oomph.

Difference Between Mid-century and Mid-century Modern

While many assume that they are the same, it is not valid. Mid-century and mid-century modern has some slight but noticeable differences. Mid-century only deals with styles before the 1930s, while mid-century modern refers to the post WW 2 period, i.e., the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. lifestyle

Their main difference is in their use of color. Mid-century is all about functionality. Very little wood would be used, while the colors would be mostly browns and deep greens. Again, the Scandinavian and Danish culture inspired the bold, playful colors of the era.

Where To Find Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

Mid-century modern furniture is now available in many retail shops. But, where you will buy it depends on your budget. For example, if you want vintage originals from the 1950s and 60s, be ready to splurge an obscene amount.

Mid century modern furniture Store in UAE offers wide collection of modern furniture and where you can get them, you need to learn how to style them. Here are a few styling tips to keep in mind.

Styling Mid-Century Modern Furniture 

  • Use Colors To Compliment The Furniture 

When we choose one piece of bold mid-century furniture, we need to make sure it is impactful. So go for the most striking colors like yellows and blues. Keep the other colors in the room to a bare minimum to allow your new furniture to shine. home improvement stores

  • Use Bold Artwork

If everything in your theme feels haphazard, use eye-catching, bold, abstract art to bind it all together. You can place them in the center of your room or on a white backdrop to makethem stand out.

  • Use Rugs

Your furniture needs some texture to shine. And the best way to introduce texture is by adding a textured rug with your coffee or dining table. It can blend nicely with the background while providing a sufficient boost to your furniture.

  • Use Different Timbers

Make sure to mix up light, mid, and dark-toned wood to make your home feel more lively and informal. Make sure to keep your accessories and walls to a minimum to allow the woody texture to shine.

  • Use Cushions

Mid-century modern is all about going bold. However, if you feel a bold-colored couch is too much, choose neutral-colored furniture and spice it up with bright cushions. You can choose blocks of plain or geometric pattern cushions to complement the mid-century orange, greens, blues, and yellows.

  • Use Lighting

Choose the right lighting to show off your new furniture from OC Home furniture store in UAE. If your furniture has warmer, woody tones, try getting gold-finished lighting. Again, if there are too many metallic components, choose a silver finishing.

  • Use Patterned Wallpapers

Geometric patterns always bode well with this furniture. So maybe you can enhance the beauty of your furniture and place it in front of a quirky colored wallpaper. Make sure to keep as few accessories as possible in this area – you want all the attention to be on your mid-century modern piece!

  • Use Funky Vases

Last but not least, mid-century modern furniture goes very well with funny vases. Use some mixed, abstract designed vases that provide an unexpected twist to your room. You can also keep two or three different vases of various heights to create a dynamic effect.


And that’s all you need to know about mid-century modern furniture! They are quirky, fun, and look perfect when styled with care. So what are you waiting for? Hunt down a reliable modern furniture store in UAE and start  modern furniture to lighten your home! All the best. how to buy furniture in sims 4

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