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samsung washing machine 7kg wa70h4000

Samsung Washing Machine 7 Kg  is one of the top-rated machines in the industry. The powerful Double Storm System delivers a more thorough cleaning and prevents tangling and abrasion. Its outer walls give the washboard effect, which means your clothes will come out cleaner and softer. The washer also features a water fall technology, which distributes detergent evenly.

The innovative Wobble Technology in the Samsung Washing Machine WA70H4000 enables it to extract more water than usual. The drum’s unique design twists clothes, which further increases stain fighting abilities. The Samsung Washing Appliance also has an air turbo drying system that reduces drying time. The machine draws additional air through its fast rotating drum and draws it to a steamed-drying environment.

The ergonomic design of the Samsung Washing Machine 7 Kg WA70 H4000 makes it easy to handle. It has a slanted dual cluster control panel and buttons located on both sides. The control panel is also a touch of refined beauty, with ice-blue graphic displays. Moreover, this model has an Auto Start and Auto Shut Off option, a programmable Quick Wash and a 24 hour delay feature. samsung washing machine 7kg wa70h4000

The Samsung Washing Machine 7 Kg WA70h4000 is an excellent choice for your laundry needs. It comes with a 7.0kg washing capacity, and includes Double Storm Technology, which uses powerful water waves to agitate and move garments. The Eco Tub Clean technology uses hidden wheels and a slanted dual cluster control panel for easy operation. Its intuitive design and dual button cluster make it easy to use for anyone. samsung washing machine 7kg


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