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Social Media Listening Reporting

Social Media Listening Reporting

Are you curious how your social media campaigns are performing? Wondering which posts had the most engagement or what time of day your followers are most active? Social listening reporting can answer all those questions and more. This blog post will break down social listening reporting and how businesses can use this information for growth.

What is Included in a Social Media Listening Report?

A social listening reporting feature tracks posts, comments, and direct messages. The length of time you want to track this will determine the subscription level you sign up for. You will find many posts, comments, and other engagements in a social media listening report. This will be specific to each social media platform you choose to monitor.

The report will also have information about engaging with your social media profiles and pages. This includes the engagement percentage by gender, age, location, and language. Other features included in a listening report are branded mentions, including positive and negative feedback.

This will also show how people find your social media profiles, including the top referring sites. The stats included in a listening report can vary depending on the social media platform you choose to monitor.

Also, you might find a reporting feature that includes top posts and branded mentions. In the case of Twitter, you may find a report for your most retweeted or mentioned posts. Knowing which posts gained traction among followers can help guide future content creation efforts.

Finally, advanced social listening platforms include sentiment reports that show how people feel about what they are saying or writing about your brand. This includes positive, negative, and neutral mentions.

What Can Businesses Do With Such Information?

Your social media listening reporting can provide information to take action, as explained below.

Change Marketing Strategies

Your media listening reporting can show which content resonates most with your audience. For example, if most people say they love a particular recipe on your blog, consider creating more posts. With the information from a reporting feature, you’re one step ahead of your competition and can take action accordingly.

Grow Your Audience

Depending on the features included in your listening report, you may want to expand the groups or keywords monitored. A social media monitor can show which content resonates best with specific groups, including certain demographics, regions, and languages.

Monitoring Your Competition

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your competitors. Your social media listening reporting may include information about their brand and show what content resonates most with their audience. If you’re struggling to get noticed online, check out what your competition is doing and use it as an example for your campaigns.

Monitor Negative Feedback

Social media listening is essential to ensure you do not miss any negative feedback about your brand. Your social media monitoring service can include information about customer service issues, product complaints, or anything else your audience may be saying about you. Take this info and use it to fix any problems with the products or services provided.

Create Engaging Content People Love

If you find that your followers respond positively to images, you may want to create more similar posts. If you have a lot of compliments about a particular blog post, consider making more posts like it. Use your social media listening report to guide future marketing strategies and ideas for content creation efforts.

The main advantage of using a social media monitoring service is that you can keep track of the most relevant information from different sources without monitoring all at once. NetBaseQuid is a company that provides social media monitoring services for business owners who are looking to make strategic decisions




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