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Summer Desert Safari Dubai – What new to experience on Hot days

You had enjoyed the Dubai tour in winter, but have you ever considered desert safari in this hot season? Summer is also meant for many outdoor activities, and never let it go by sitting inside your house.

This blog will know how to enjoy Dubai desert safari in summer. There are also many activities you can do in the summer days to enjoy your trip with family and friends.

Enjoy desert safari Dubai in summer:

During summer, you can enjoy the adventurous ride and thrilling activities in this vast Dubai desert Safari. As you know, the temperature in the desert becomes down quickly and swiftly, so booking an evening desert safari package during summer is the best thing.

So, there are many exciting things to know about summer desert safari in Dubai. Besides, you will see how the Bedouin tribes spent the summer in the vast desert for many years and why the surrounding locals pitched their tents and camps in the vast desert over the years.

In this way, Bedouins or old Arabs have some survival secrets which they use in summer. These secrets and tricks are also helpful for many desert safari tour operators. You should know these tricks, which the tour operators also use to minimize the feel of summer hotness.

The first includes the desert tents; the tour organizer set their tents at the high sand dunes to prevent hot air. The air that blows close to the land is of high temperature. But as the height increase, it results in a cool breeze.

Besides, the essential thing which is the key to safari is the Timing. During the summer season, trip organizer pauses their morning safari package and tune toward evening and overnight desert safari. So, you can choose between afternoon, evening, or overnight desert safaris.

Additionally, the dress code for summer desert safari in Dubai is slightly different. I always prefer light hues and bright color dresses which do not contain any heavy embroidery work. It will significantly help you to combat the residual heat.

Moreover, drink more and more water to make your body rehydrated because hot air in summer can cause dehydration.

When someone considers the summer desert safari in Dubai, the only image they can say is the rough journey that makes you tired. But now, the answer is a big “NO.” Many modifications are luxurious and extraordinary provided by the desert safari tour organizer.

Even you don’t have to travel for a safari ride towards the Arabian Desert. Instead, the service provider will pick you up from your destination in an air-conditioned SUV. You will surely enjoy the ride and reach the middle of the desert with a whole luxurious experience through undulating sand dunes.

The adventurous sense will tune-up when you move far and far away from the city, and the highway turns into sand. At this time, the drivers tend to deflate the air pressure in the SUV tyres. It prevents the vehicle from sinking in the sand and allows the driver to drive on soft surfaces.

It permits the tourists to enjoy an adventurous and thrilling roller coaster-like ride that winds down around sundown. Besides, you can take pictures of fantastic sights as the sunset gives a photogenic view.

From here, your Dubai desert safari will begin, which heads towards the Arabian-style traditional desert camps. You can apply henna tattoos and enjoy Arabian nights with a deluxe feast. Besides, many entertaining shows like Tanoura dance, Belly dance, and fire shows. You can take brave pictures with a falcon which is considered as the symbol of bravery in Arabs.

If it is not enough for you and you want to have more, many seasonal deals help you enjoy your summer desert safari in Dubai.

Top Experiences to try this summer:

  1. In the month of Ramadan during summer, you should experience an evening desert safari. It allows you to have star-gazing and iftar safari.
  2. Enjoy 4×4 open-top Land Rovers at the Luxe Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa. It allows you to get closer to the desert wildlife and gentle dunes.
  3. Have a deluxe meal at Al Hadheerah restaurants which offer you the traditional environment through Bedouin camps. These camps have an air-conditioned supply.


It is all about the evening desert safari Dubai, particularly in summer. If you are willing to have a summer tour, don’t forget to have these experiences. Always apply precautionary measures before going on a summer desert safari. One thing to remember, resist desert safari of any kind if you have any health issues. Other than this, select the reputable tour company for the Dubai desert safari, the main reason behind this is that they always take care of each and every thing.


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