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The Best Android Root Apps

When you’re looking to root your android device, there are a few good options out there. You can try Magisk Manager, Tasker, and Termux. All of these apps are free to download and use, but they do require root access. If you’re not sure which one to get, we’ve reviewed a few of the most popular root apps below. Read on to find out what they’re all about and how they can help you root your device.

The Best Android Root Apps


Termux is the closest Android equivalent of Linux OS. It has a touch optimized interface for small screen devices and features additional keyboard actions such as auto-completion. It also offers features like auto-complete for symbols. The TAB action key is located at the top row of the on-screen keyboard. This makes it easy to input specialized commands and symbols. Termux is compatible with Android 4.1 or later.

Termux is an advanced Android root app that allows you to manage your phone’s applications and features. It is compatible with many Android devices, and includes tools such as Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, and an extensive Linux package collection. The app also lets you run text-based games and scripts. Using Termux saves you time by organizing your utility apps. Its extensive Linux package library makes it possible to install and run many more applications.

Magisk Manager

If you’re looking for an app to install custom firmware on your android device, you’ll want to download the Magisk Manager app. This app includes the official Magisk repo and allows you to download updates to the app, such as Magisk modules. However, as of version 24.0, this feature has been removed. So if you’re looking for an app that does all of the work for you, look no further. Magisk Manager is one of the best Android root apps out there.

This app allows you to create and install systemless modules without modifying the operating system’s core files. This means that you can install modules on your phone without worrying about permanently overwriting them. Once installed, you can easily uninstall them and revert your device to factory settings if you decide to change your mind later. You can even use this app to manage your phone’s storage space. It also offers a lot of other useful features.

XBooster Root

This app is a comprehensive tool to gain root access on your Android device. It has a number of advanced features, including root check and root permissions. You can also view your device’s current state and see which governor to use for different modes. XBooster Root is a powerful tool for android root users who are looking for a faster, more stable phone. XBooster Root is compatible with many Android devices and comes with a graphical user interface.

XBooster Root is one of the most popular root apps for Android. It provides various features to enhance your device’s performance. The app includes options for video/game graphics and memory management. Users can track the download rank of the app and the number of users for different categories and devices. You can also use it to analyze the performance of your device, explore its App Reviews, and see which countries are using it most.


If you’re wondering if you need root permission to run Tasker, worry not. The application is very user-friendly, and it lets you create mini Android apps that automate your everyday tasks. You can even customize the messages that will be displayed when you do various tasks with Tasker. With Tasker, you can fully utilize your Android smartphone. And, it’s all done with the touch of a button.

You can set up exit tasks to automatically perform actions when certain conditions are met. For example, you can set Tasker to turn on Wi-Fi automatically whenever you’re in a public place, such as a coffee shop or library. The app will configure Wi-Fi automatically when you’re at one of those locations, but you can also set it to turn it off completely if you’re not there. Another useful feature is the ability to back up your files when you’re not using your phone.

Solid Explorer

If you’re looking for a file manager for Android, consider purchasing Solid Explorer. This premium file manager offers a two-week free trial after which you must pay $2 to use it on your device. You can use this app as long as your device has a working Busybox executable binary. If this isn’t the case, the system’s binary may be sufficient. However, it’s best to check your device’s busybox compatibility before you download Solid Explorer.

A great reason to download Solid Explorer is its cloud support for various network file sharing protocols. Users can browse two separate storages at the same time with this app. Files can be moved from one panel to another easily. This app supports FTP, SFTP, SMB, CIFS, and WebDAV protocols. It also has advanced compression and archive capabilities. Solid Explorer also supports Chromecast. Solid Explorer is free for two weeks, and then costs $1.99 after the trial.business insurance.

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