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The Nail Salon Industry Is Not Unregulated

Despite its low-paying staff, the nail salon industry is not unregulated. In 2013, the New York State Labor Department launched an industry-wide inspection program. The department partnered with Adhikaar, a Korean nonprofit, and the New York City Public Advocate to create an industry-wide report. The report highlights a wide range of violations in the nail salon industry. A recent audit found 116 violations, with only about one-fourth of workers paid the minimum wage in the state and no overtime.

Many nail salons have not heeded the warnings.

The Nail Salon Industry Is Not Unregulated

While some employees did receive the vaccination at a later date, the majority of victims were naive and did not understand the risks. Another risk factor is the proximity of the salon to the affected neighborhood. In New York City, the virus is particularly prevalent in the East Village and other upscale neighborhoods, making the nail salon an especially vulnerable workplace. However, Ramirez, a member of the NYNSWA, said she had seen two coworkers contract the disease, one of whom died.

Despite these challenges,

Nail salon workers have also taken action to address the issues related to their working conditions. As an employer, you must follow the laws of your city. You must obtain a certificate of occupancy from the local government authority. You must also comply with local zoning and building codes. As a business owner, you must be aware of your liability. In case you have to file a lawsuit, business insurance will protect you and your business from any harm caused by your business.

Although some nail salons have adopted temporary or permanent regulations,

some continue to suffer from issues. Some nail salon owners have reduced or canceled hours because of employee complaints, and some even retaliated against their employees. But in most cases, nail salon owners are only too happy to make money. While this is a unique situation, many  owners have yet to address the problem. They are not afraid of taking on a lawsuit if their workers file a discrimination complaint.

Labor Laws and the Nail Salon

The nail salon is a hidden world that has its own rituals and mores. The New York State Labor Department conducted the first ever nail salon sweep and found 116 violations of state labor laws. Only a quarter of workers were paid the state minimum hourly wage, and all but three workers did not receive overtime pay. A recent report on this industry revealed widespread violations of health and safety laws. While the investigation was not exhaustive, the findings were alarming.

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