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What is a Commercial Catering Engineer?


Should you call an electrical engineer for advice on how to run an efficient home entertainment system? No! Of course not. An electrician is specifically trained to work with electrical equipment. That’s because there are so many different kinds of electrical engineers.

commercial catering engineer, however, is trained to work with all types of cooking and heating equipment. This includes gas, electric, oil, solid fuel, steam and even wood-fired stoves and ovens. A commercial catering engineer is also trained to troubleshoot problems caused by poorly designed or constructed gas, electric or other heating equipment.

Another important difference between a commercial catebusinessinsiderusaring engineer and other types of engineers is that a commercial catering engineer is often required to have “hands-on” experience with the equipment he is advising others to buy.

Yet another difference is that a commercial catering engineer is usually an employee of a company that sells the equipment he is trained to install. Therefore, he has a financial motive to see you get the most out of the equipment you purchase from him. That’s why at Gas Boilers Plumbers we offer a complete money-back guarantee on all our work. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, just let us know within 60 days and we will come back and remove the boiler, replace it with another one, refund your payment in full and pay for all the gas we used to service the boiler. How Do We Verify Our Commercial Caterers Are Qualified To Perform The Work They Promise? At Gas Boilers Plumbers, we don’t take chances with our clients. That’s why before we allow anyone to work on your commercial catering equipment, he must first prove he has the necessary skills.

He must have a degree or certificate from an accredited institution that confirms he has the knowledge to do the job.

He must have several years of hands-on experience as a commercial catering engineer. This means working on hundreds of different types of equipment in real-world settings.

He must have passed a thorough examination given by an expert panel of our peers.

In some cases, the client will arrange for a “fit-up” visit by the commercial catering engineer. During this visit, our expert will disassemble the existing heating equipment, inspect it for wear and tear, test it for functionality, and ensure it is all wired and plumbed properly.

What Does It Cost To Hire A Gas Safe Certified Commercial Caterer To Perform The Work You Have Chosen To Have Done At Your Place Of Business? At Gas Boilers Plumbers, we don’t charge a penny more for the services of a Gas Safe certified engineer than we charge other types of engineers. In fact, we often pay less because we don’t have to pay unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation or liability insurance

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