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What is Email Marketing Gamification

What is Email Marketing Gamification



Find out how you can start using gamification to garner better metrics from your mass email plugin

[1] Are you satisfied with the results of your latest email marketing campaign? If you aren’t, that’s fine! Lackluster metrics from your mass email plugin means it’s time to try something new for your next campaign.

Recently, gamification has become a serious buzzword for marketers, and for good reason. Gamification engages your audience and leads to greater open and conversion rates. Companies that have been sending gamified Gmail bulk emails have seen exceedingly positive returns for one main reason — these messages stand out.

If you’ve been searching for a way to improve your metrics and create interest in your target audience, keep reading to learn more about how email marketing gamification works and how you can use it to improve your metrics.

What is Email Marketing Gamification?

Let’s discover what email marketing gamification before we find out how to improve reporting in your mass email plugin

Gamification is a popular marketing tactic for a reason — it works.

If you haven’t heard of gamification before, the concept is pretty simple. Gamification is a marketing tactic that adds gaming elements to campaigns. You have probably encountered gamification in your daily life without immediately realizing it was a marketing tactic.

When it comes to email marketing, gamification means that you are integrating gaming elements into your message. The real advantage of gamification is that it instantly encourages engagement — no CTA required. When presented with a game, the audience instinctively interacts, rather than being instructed as to how they should interact with a message.

In order to create a gamified experience for your audience and see results from your mass email plugin, there are a few requirements.

First, you need to make sure your game elements are engaging and require little to no instruction. Next, you need to offer your audience an enticing reward. And finally, you need to make your game competitive and fun to play.

Now that we’ve learned a little bit more about gamification, let’s get into how you can use gamification to improve your email marketing.

How Can Gamification Enhance My Brand?

Using your mass email plugin, you’ll see improved metrics after you integrate game elements into your messages

Gamification encourages creative design and marketing tactics.

Though gamification is a technique used by expert marketers to drive engagement and conversions, it is also fun for the audience. Using game elements in otherwise mundane marketing emails will set your promotion apart from all of the others when it arrives to your audience’s inbox. If the game is enjoyable, which you can verify by testing the message in your mass email plugin, then your audience will associate feelings of joy and reward with your brand.

Another element of gamification that helps build a loyal audience is achievement. There is a distinct emotional satisfaction that comes with the feeling of achievement. Of course, in order to elicit this emotion in your audience you need to offer them something of value.

For example, a simple idea to gamify your next promotional email campaign is a spinning wheel game. Instead of offering your customers 10% off of their next purchase, use the spinning wheel to make several equivalent offers and let the game decide which benefit the recipient receives. Luck, exclusivity, and joy are all emotions that can be associated with in-message game elements, which will give your brand an advantage over competitors.

What About Open Rates?

Believe it or not, gamification leads to better open rates and other reports from your mass email plugin

Use your mass email plugin to monitor your open rate.

A high open rate is essential for a successful email marketing campaign. Low open rates mean two things for your campaign. One, it means that your audience is not reading your emails. Two, it means that your subject line needs to be improved to better encourage your audience to open your email.

Gamification in email marketing could be the solution for your next campaign to garner a higher open rate. When you gamify the message content, you should announce the game in your subject line. Would you rather be presented with a 10% discount or be offered the opportunity to win a 10% discount? You can see the difference here. Make sure that your game and incentive are clearly worded in the email subject line and encourage your recipients to interact. If you have checked all of those boxes while writing your subject line, you are on your way to a higher open rate. The next time you pull reports from your mass email plugin, you’ll see a difference thanks to gamification.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about how email gamification works, you can use these techniques to create a successful email marketing campaign. Though gamified emails take more work to create than regular marketing emails, you’ll also see a difference in your open rate and conversions. Trust us, when you see the returns from your mass email plugin, you’ll see that gamification is the way to go for future mass emails.

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