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What is the Scope of an MBA Degree in Analytics and Data Science in India?

What is the Scope of an MBA Degree in Analytics and Data Science in India?

Are you wondering if pursuing an online MBA in analytics in India is worthwhile? Read on to learn more about the scope of an MBA degree in Data Science and Analytics.

An MBA in Analytics and Data Science is a programme that focuses on the data analytics aspect of business management. This course teaches you to use statistics and technologies for data analytics. It covers business foundations, managerial techniques, and technical abilities. Participants in the analytics & data science specialisation study tech-based analytics techniques and learn to use them to enhance businesses. It is a topic rapidly gaining traction in the modern workplace because of its significance and scope. Students with Analytics & Data Science expertise now find employment faster and earn more money than students with the same education but different specialisations.

Reasons to choose MBA in Analytics & Data Science

Internship and real-world experience

This programme can help you gain an internship with a reputable firm. Learners, including fresh graduates and veterans seeking a career change, can get relevant experience. This online programme is also available to students who desire to take the course while working full-time and can enrol in part-time or even virtual classrooms.

Senior positions

Individuals with an Analytics MBA are more likely to be hired immediately into senior designations, such as managerial advisor, operational analyst, and supply chain analyst.

High salaries

With the world’s increasing reliance on data for decision-making, there is a scarcity of business analytics and data science specialists in the marketplace, thus a potential for better pay. These jobs offer excellent job adaptability and work-life compatibility.

Emerging business data roles

The volume of data produced by businesses is continually and rapidly increasing, which thus needs to be discovered, visualised, and expressed as data patterns. An MBA in Data Science will educate you on using statistical approaches to extract usable data and leverage it to improve organisational efficiency.

Related skills are more valuable

To be a competent business analyst, one must be thoroughly aware of your industry and domain expertise. Business acumen and effective communication are some of the most important yet non-technical talents necessary in this domain. An online MBA in Analytics & Data Science certifies you for these skills besides theoretical learning.

Scope of an MBA Degree in Analytics & Data Science

An MBA in Analytics & Data Science offers a lot of potential in the business sector. It also provides many opportunities for individuals who want to work in the corporate world and have access to a plethora of options. The following are some of the employment choices open:

Data Analyst

A data analyst must collaborate with data scientists, IT teams, and management to identify corporate goals. A data analyst’s job entails gathering and analysing information based on sales figures, market analysis, and logistics.

Operations Research Analyst

If you have an MBA in Data Analytics, you’ll be able to work as an Operations Research Analyst. It allows you to apply your mathematical and computational talents to help businesses solve operational difficulties.

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you’ll plan, budget, and oversee an organisation’s marketing strategies using your data-driven business acumen. You’ll also need to be well-organised, with strong leadership and critical-thinking abilities, and understand the area where the client’s business operates.

Financial analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for formulating plans and managing effective data reporting, gathering, and analysis. Also, they evaluate their advanced analytics regularly and improve or replace the systems.

Why choose Online Manipal for an MBA in Analytics & Data Science?

An MBA programme with Analytics & Data Science as an elective offered by Manipal University Jaipur gives students hands-on experience and understanding in the field. Its curriculum is based on industry standards and ensures that our students are job-ready upon completion of the programme. It covers data science programming, deep learning, visualisation techniques, advanced analytics, and more. Thus, it prepares students to advance in their jobs and maintain credibility for the rest of their professional careers.


We can infer that an MBA in business analytics can give you a much-needed push forward in your career if you have an analytical perspective. In this time of economic uncertainty, business analysts play a critical role in helping companies regain their growth momentum. Also, prospective employers seek applicants with business analytical skills, and an MBA in the same field provides a distinct advantage. A scarcity of competent business analysts adds worth to this degree. Manipal University Jaipur provides you with the ideal opportunity to earn a top-notch MBA in Analytics & Data Science. It is among the best online MBA colleges in India for this elective. So, hurry and enrol in this advanced course to take a step forward in your career.


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