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What is the secret of NFT and how does it work

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) – a virtual digital signature or, more simply, a certificate of ownership have become a new format for digitally identifying property.

Objectively, this is a link to the owner, which confirms the right to own any asset that has been registered in the blockchain. In practice, NFT is used to establish ownership of digital art, collectibles, games, music, graphics, videos, and more. Blockchain technology has made it possible to store smart contract data every time an asset is moved or resold.

Today, data on movements and manipulations with a digital asset is stored on blockchain platforms. No one can replace the certificate of authenticity, since the token contains information about the owner.

NFT provides a unique advantage to the developer and creator of a digital asset to change and sell a token. At the same time; the new owner will not be able to completely cross out the participation of the previous owner. The NFT development company article will tell you more about this.

What is the function of NFT?

NFT appeared after the popularization of the first cryptocurrency. Only unlike digital money, tokens have their own original value and perform slightly different tasks:

• Uniqueization. The token cannot be counterfeited or manipulated without the consent of the owner. This is particularly important for the transparency of art sales and copyright validation.

• Identification of the asset. A digital token indicates the right holder; even if it has gone through a long chain of transformations in terms of purchase, sale or exchange. The technology allows you to accurately determine the “digital footprint” of any item on the network; that has passed the registration procedure in the blockchain.

• Transparent exchange. The capabilities of the trading platforms allow the exchange or sale of a token within an established ecosystem. When choosing a platform, the owner will be able to convert digital coins into other cryptocurrency formats; and make a profit from selling or copying their products.

How to produce and sell an NFT token?

Trading in digital goods appeared long before the advent of NFTs. Computer game manufacturers granted the user the right to use a character or improved properties by purchasing skins. Previously, the consumer bought the program code, not the token. At the same time, the essence and the end result of the process are the same.

At the same time, the blockchain record is not tied to a specific platform. All manipulations with tokens can carried out in any suitable environment. The platform is just a technical delay for future operations. Any movement of the NFT object recorded, and information about the content and quality of the asset can be viewed by each interested client. Objectively, by creating an NFT token for your product, you establish copyright for its possession and further use. However, commercial reproduction can only be made with your permission.


NFTs can used to sell intellectual property, copyright, or digital art. Although there are many more options for using the technology. For example, you can grant or restrict a user’s right to use information.

To create their own tokens, the consumer needs:

• Register on the trading platform; with the support of blockchain technology. For example, Ethereum or OpenSea.

• Activate the wallet for making payment transactions.

• Place digital asset items and list tokens for sale and exchange.


The NFT algorithm for creating a token depends on the chosen platform. But with any option, the user will need a wallet and a sales item that has value. It should also taken into account that for effective promotion, you will need to link your social media accounts to the account on the platform, fill in information about the digital asset and fulfill the requirements of the platform in terms of conducting payment transactions.

It should be noted that any platform, after downloading a digital file, checks for uniqueness. Therefore, any manipulation of copyright will end in failure. Only after passing the verification procedure, the system will create tokens for the uploaded files. Go to Avple .

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