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What You Should Know About Deck Tiles

What You Should Know About Deck Tiles

Deck tiles are one of the best ways you can breathe life in your wary-looking floors – be it a porch, a walkway, balcony, terrace, or outdoor deck.

Let’s look into deck tile 101 and discuss everything you should know about

Deck tile are an economical, easy to install, and eco-friendly flooring option to add style, character, and polish to your outdoor living space. are an ideal choice/solution for rental properties like condos, Airbnb units, and residential homes, owing to their easy-to-install procedures, long lifespans, and minimal maintenance needs.

Deck tiles come in an array of styles, shapes, colors, and materials – including hardwoods, natural stones, composite to porcelain pavers. All of these types can fit your space perfectly, whether you are planning on building a lavish rooftop deck, a serene backyard patio, or a striking ultra-modern poolside haven.

Tanzite Stonedecks is here to guide you with multiple options, to help you create a space that has a unique character – signifying your exclusive taste. Read ahead for everything you should know about deck tile or get in touch with our experts today for a quote, consultation, or a sample box.

What Are Deck Tiles

Deck tile are an attractive, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to refurbish or cover an outdoor space if you are on a budget. Deck tile come in various colors, styles, and shapes – mostly, these come in rectangular or square blocks that interlock to create an outdoor floor of any design, shape, or style. Offering you an opportunity to enjoy the look and feel of a traditional wood deck surface, even when you do not have time or the budget to build a full-fledged deck frame from scratch.

What are deck tiles made from

Deck tiles come in an array of different materials, coming with diverse feels and looks. You can find real wood deck tiles made from hardwoods like cedar, IPE, or natural stone. Or you can have the best of both worlds with stunning, no-maintenance, and easy to install tanzite deck tiles. Why should you go for tanzanite deck tile?

Tanzite Deck Tiles

Tanzanite deck tiles are the best when it comes to the outdoor deck tile options.

Not only do tanzanite deck tiles look stunning, but they are also made with the same process that diamonds are formed in nature. Making these tiles incredibly durable and sturdy with the only way to break them is using a sledgehammer.

Are Tanzite Deck Tiles Durable

A tanzanite stone deck will last you for more than 20 years with minimal maintenance.

With tanzite deck tiles, you won’t have to worry about leaving scratches while moving the furniture, the BBQ grill, or even when you have large pets. The tanzanite surface is a relatively non-scratch, strong material that can withstand constant exposure to moisture and sun while staying cool in hot weather as these deck tiles are made from natural stones, giving them a built-in cool feel.

The best part about tanzanite deck tiles is that you can have these in many patterns, colors, and designs. From the ultra-modern stone look to the traditional wood patterns – tanzite  are incredibly versatile and can enliven any boring outdoor area with minimal installation effort.

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Why Choose Deck Tiles

Deck tiles are ideal for an easy, stunning, and budget-friendly outdoor flooring upgrade, especially for rental properties, condos, or homes in need of a stunning face-lift. Here is why:

Quick & Easy To Install

Many  in the market offer interlocking deck tiles that snap together. At the same time, others install onto the pedestals with a traditional screw and washer fastening system. No Need of a Flat Surface

With traditional pedestal systems, you can build a flat, smooth patio surface on unleveled or uneven ground. Adjustable supports offer the flexibility to extend the patio or deck space further wherever you want and however you want. Deck tile can be installed over bare ground, concrete, stone, brick, or rooftop.

Low Maintenance and Quality Deck Tiles

At Tanzite, we carry a selection of  we can trust in terms of long-lasting quality, look, and durability, in addition to lower maintenance needs. This essentially means a Tanzite deck tile floor that will last without you having to spend hours of your time with routine maintenance. For the owner who has rental property, this means you can have fantastic and appealing spaces for renters to enjoy without the need of constantly repairing or replacing weathered parts.

An array of Styles and Look for Deck Tile

Deck tile come in various finish options made with the patterns, textures, and colors of authentic wood grains. These  are perfect for enjoying the warmth of a wooden deck without having to spend a huge amount on it, in addition to avoiding constant and expensive maintenance costs.

If you want an ultra-modern stone finish, choose the stone looks from our collection and instantly boost the curb appeal of your outdoor spaces. There you have it; everything you should know about  is elaborated for you by our experts.

Are you excited about getting a new tanzanite stone deck? Request a tanzite deck tile sample box for a small price today!


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