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What’s New in iPhone 14?


Apple has not officially revealed what the new iPhone 14 will look like, but the rumor mill is buzzing with a lot of rumors. The new model is expected to have a hole-punch camera cutout, 120Hz ProMotion technology, and an always-on display. The hole-punch camera cutout and tablet-shaped camera are two of the more recognizable aspects of the new model. There are other rumored features that we expect, including a curved screen.

iPhone 14 will have hole-punch cutout

A recent rumor suggests that Apple will introduce a hole-punch-sized notch in its iPhone 14 series. While this cutout may not be present in the iPhone 14, it’s possible that it will be used for the Face ID dot projector. If the hole-punch notch is indeed used, then it will not be the first time that Apple has experimented with this design. Some Android manufacturers have also adopted a pill-shaped notch.

The iPhone 14 will have punch-hole cutouts on the screen, offering a slight design advantage over a notched version. While the notch on a regular iPhone 14 is a big deal, it’s a minor disadvantage compared to a hole-punch panel. The hole-punch cutout is not expected to have an impact on the overall size of the iPhone, but it may make the device slightly larger or smaller.

It will have pill-shaped camera cutout

Rumors and leaked images of the iPhone 14 Pro have emerged online. A leaker has claimed that the iPhone 14  will have a pill-shaped camera cutout in the screen, instead of a notch. According to the report, the notch is a placeholder for the Face ID sensors. The new iPhone will have a 6.1-inch display, with a pill-shaped cutout on the left side for Face ID. The camera cutout on the right side will house the normal front camera.

Apple will ditch the notch from its iPhone 14 Pro models. This is a significant step toward an iPhone without a notch. If the iPhone 14 Pro is the first model to use the new cutout, it may be reserved for the Pro line. The new design might make its way into the rest of the lineup by 2023. The new iPhone could also feature a hole-punch camera.

It will have 120Hz ProMotion technology

Apple has jumped onto the high-refresh-rate bandwagon after introducing the new ProMotion display on the iPad Pro last fall. So far, only the iPhone 13 Pro Max have 120Hz screens. The iPhone 13 mini and 13 remain stuck with 60Hz panels. ProMotion is coming to more iPhones, but it’s not guaranteed to be on every model this year. According to a display analyst, Apple is unlikely to bring the feature to all the iPhone 14 models this year because of supply problems.

The refresh rate of the display will ramp up to 120Hz to handle the iOS interface and scrolling content in third-party apps. The refresh rate may slip to lower rates if the app is motion-dependent, but fewer updates at 10Hz consume less power than a single update at 60Hz. This will result in longer battery life. The larger battery will also help the iPhone 13 Pro’s battery life.

It will have always-on display

Whether Apple is going to include an always-on display in iPhone 14 Pro models is anyone’s guess. The Apple Watch has always-on display mode since its Series 5 launch, but an iPhone with this feature would likely be more glance-friendly. Apple’s always-on display feature is already available in Android phones. However, the iPhone has not yet been updated to incorporate this feature. Apple is expected to release a new version of iOS with the always-on display feature.

Unlike the Apple Watch, the iPhone will have a lower refresh rate to conserve battery power. The iPhone 14 Pro will have a screen that refreshes at one Hz, which means less battery usage. This feature will also make the iPhone 14 Pro slightly thicker than its predecessors. The thicker handsets will also need a bigger battery to power them. But if Apple does implement this new feature, it will be limited to the Pro models.


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