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Why bettors still are betting in CSGO accounts

Why bettors still are betting in CSGO accounts

CSGO is one of the oldest games; for over 9 years it hasn’t failed to entertain its peers with its excellent updates and rewards for the players. It is impressive to see how far they have come and progressed. It was first launched in 1999 and hasn’t stopped advancing since then! With the inception of csgo smurf accounts & csgo accounts, CSGO has received numerous followers throughout the years.

Reports suggest that CSGO has over 24 million active players currently worldwide; and, with these stats, players from all across the globe are betting on CSGO accounts. However, what is so special about these csgo smurf accounts that wagers from worldwide are still betting on this game? Let us find out.

Serious money

To all those people who still believe that gaming cannot be a real occupation and it can never put bread on the table, guess what? Jokes on you! In 2016, in an Esports event, the winning team took over a whopping $7,700,000 home! Another fact is that CSGO reigns the no.1 position when it comes to tournament gaming. In 2021 it had an estimate of $9 million winnings! The winner took home $240K with him last year. If these statistics aren’t enough for you then you should take part in it to discover the lengths of CSGO’s adventure.

There’s no question why bettors want to put their money in this game looking at such a heavy amount- anybody that knows betting would put their money in it. Esports is the core to all special events; it has unlocked the door for the betting world. For bettors, it is a great opportunity to make real money and probably the best way to throw shade at people from school that never included them in any sports event. Online agencies such as Sportsbooks have even started to monetize pro players’ gaming; it lures new bettors and poses new offers on bettings!

There are certain odds that bettors make whilst betting, and they are

  • Winner of the match
  • Map winner 1 & 2
  • Total kills on the map

Players are serious about their gameplay

Looking at players all serious and passionate about their gaming attracts the betters even more! For CSGO accounts player winning is the only goal that could satisfy their hunger. Every team knows the pressure behind winning a match in any Esports event; hence Fnatic takes AI assistance to train its players. With the help of the Freeletics app, they train their players to prepare them for the cutthroat Esports competition. During a survey done on 115 elite players regarding their daily training schedule, an article posted on Acer’s website that an average player trains 5 hrs a day and 1 hour of physical training.

For an elite player, strong physiques are as important as strong minds the professional players have witnessed a difference after amping up their fitness level! They could see a difference in their performance in the game; they perform much better than before. Their heart rate rises by 160-180 beats per minute at the time of extreme round battle. Physical fitness is crucial in any work you’re doing that is intense! Any pro player who has been playing games for a long time would know how little things like good physical training could make a huge difference in their gameplay.

The team who puts the most effort into their gaming wins the most reward; bookmakers are always on the lookout whose training, how much the teams or single players have developed so that they could offer their bettors precise odds.


There are numerous new games launched in recent years; Fortnite, PUBG, Valorant are a few examples of newly launched games. These games are competing against CSGO and to steal the no.1 spot in elite Esports. Among these games Fortnite is giving tough competition to CSGO and who knows it can triumph over CSGO because of its young audience.

Speaking of the younger audience, CSGO accounts too have a large number of young players that can be seen added into the team register every month.

Even though Valorant & Fortnite manage to lure younger players with their loud colors and appealing characters, veterans such as CSGO and COD can never be defeated by them! There’s a reason why players still purchase csgo prime accounts and still enjoy playing in their old csgo accounts. There’s no doubt that one day games like COD or CSGO will lose their popularity or get overshadowed by new advanced gaming features, those who are true gamers will never lose their interest in a csgo smurf account.

I can bet, even in 2050, there will still be some players who are playing with their cgso smurf account, smurfing with all their might!

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