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Why Used Car Trade in Deal is Better Option

Most people are now beginning to realize and appreciate the benefits of used car trade in
rather than an outright sale of their vehicle. Trade in car deal means getting a new car in
exchange of your old car. When you trade in your old car, the price value of your old vehicle
is calculated and deducted from the sale price of the new car.

This kind of transaction save valuable time and effort that goes with outright selling of a vehicle
by bypassing all the nuances like advert creation expenses, meeting with interested buyers for test
driving and back and fort price negotiations. Used cars for sale
in Nigeria
makes the whole process even faster and sweeter for potential customers

Preparing your car for trade in

The process of car trade in is very simple and direct. When you have decided to trade in your current vehicle,
First thing you will need to do is to carefully sample prices by performing research on the market value
of your car. This will prepare you for the offers you might receive from car trade in dealers.

Though there are many online software tools like cardekho.com car valuation and edmunds.com car
that can aid you in such research, Be informed though that using online car price calculator
tools can only give you an estimate of the actual market value of your car. An exact value can only be given after
an on the spot physical assessment of the particular vehicle.

To get a much better value for an on the spot physical examination of your car, it is a wise idea to give your vehicle
a facelift before the assessment date. This will give your car an added boost and some couple of quid to the
original market value. Give the car a thorough interior vacuum clean and for the exterior, give it a thorough wash and
a fresh coat of wax.

When done with cleaning, ensure that all electrical components are in perfect order. Check all the
interior and exterior lights and replace them if needed. Check that all fluid levels are topped off and oil seals are
in perfect order with no oil leakage. If for nothing, your facelift effort will give your car a better impression and
chances of a better offer.

Benefits of Car Trade in Deal

Why  Used Car Trade in Deal is  Better Option

The common belief is that you will get more money from outright sale of your car. This belief is not always correct.
You could actually mathematically gain more when you trade in your car. This is because in most states, the sales tax
paid on a vehicle purchase is calculated on the remaining balance after the trade in has been concluded.

In a case scenario where the car you wish to buy is $40,000 and the trade in value of your car is $25,000, you will only need
to pay purchase tax on the balance $15,000 grand. On the contrary, if you have made an outright purchase, your tax obligations
would have been on the full $40,000 price tag. So the reduced purchased tax and ease of trading your car in had already offset
all extra money you would had made from an outright sale.

Enjoy a hassle free and Seamless transaction

Trading in your vehicle allows you to focus on other pressing issues as the transaction is instant and hassle free. It eliminates
all the difficulties and setbacks usually associated with an outright sale transaction. Trade in transaction with a trusted
dealer gives you the best possible price value without you being at the receiving end or taken advantage of. Marketing your
vehicle through direct sale could be frustrating as you will have to bargain back and forth with a remote possibility of ever
getting your desired price

In conclusion. Trading in your car can make you save money and valuable time. The financial benefits of trading in your vehicle
far outweighs any gain if at all from direct sale. Considering the litany of woes and disappointment where most would be prospective
buyers may either not show up for inspection appointment or offer an unattractive price when they do show up. autonet.com.ng
can help you avoid all the hassles and frustration by getting you the car of your choice in a timely and professional manner.

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